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    2nd .ME Premium Domain Auction soon to be held

    January 19, 2009 // No Comments »

    The official registry for .ME DoMEn d.o.o. recently announced the next set of .ME Premium Domains to be auctioned off. The following Premium Domains will be up for auction at DomainFest Global ’09:

    • contact.me
    • read.me
    • feed.me
    • alert.me
    • save.me

    Given the tremendous success of the first .ME Premium domain auction at the Traffic Conference in New York last September, this second auction is going to be worth watching. At Traffic, the Registry sold 11 .ME domains garnering $218,000 in proceeds, including date.me selling for $70,000. With .ME domains gaining popularity since the first auction, it will be interesting to see if the average bid levels rise at DomainFest.

    .ME has had amazing success thus far. Already, some .ME sites are showing up in the top million sites at Alexa.com for traffic. Given the short period of time .ME domains have been generally available, it surely looks like this TLD is becoming exceptional for call to action domains.

    Over my years, I have seen both successful and unsuccessful TLD launches.  .ME has done a fantastic job from day one and they now have over 100 accredited registrars spanning more than 25 countries. I am looking forward to seeing how his TLD will do in both auctions and also in general registrations in the coming years.  I am sure .ME will receive more and more attention in the coming months.

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