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    New Domain Reseller Control Panel Release Coming Up

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    On the Verge

    With great expectation, I am dying to show off HEXONET’s new and exciting control panel. Finally, we are on the verge of releasing it. And though it took months and the constant pressing of my boot on the rear-ends of the engineers, who by the way did a fantastic job and met every deadline imaginable, I feel this major upgrade will make all our customers very happy.

    HEXONET’s North American customers have already been using a “light” version of the new control panel, while our European clients have stayed on the old standard. We would like to thank everyone for all your feedback on both the old interface, as well as, the “light” version as it has greatly improved the final production release. The final full featured control panel, for ALL HEXONET customers, is set to be unveiled Monday, May 4th, 2009. And although, we are sure everyone will love the new control panel, some of our European customers who have been using the old interface for a long time, may continue to use the old version if more transition time is required.

    The Highlights of the New Control Panel

    Enhanced Navigation:

    • New intuitive and easy to use navigation is distilled down to four main categories: Manage Products, Manage Customers, Manage Account, and Tools.
    • Smart options show only those features available to you when they become active, resulting in less clutter
    • Visual aids allow clients to quickly understand and react – domain visual previews allow clients to see which domains are resolving correctly and which domain points to which website.

    Enhanced Control and Customization:

    • More functionality like setting different status flags for each of your domains
    • Complete control of branding including setting logos and colors as well as branding the WHOIS information

    Manage Products Section:

    • See and manage all products in one place
    • Visual aids like our new domain “preview” allows you to see in a glance, which websites are behind your respective domains.
    • Simplified and faster domain “Registration” … an awesome Name Suggestion tool is coming soon!
    • New DNS manage interface allow users to quickly view and manage DNS settings using a single click in some instances
    • Control and new management features including the controlling the following domain statuses:
      • Transfer Prohibited
      • Update Prohibited
      • Delete Prohibited
      • Hold (Domain does not resolve)
      • Renew Prohibited

    Manage Customers:

    • Utilizes our classic and popular customer manager tree view, but presented in a cleaner fashion.
    • The “Relation Editor”, which is used for creating and managing plans/pricing classes, is going through a major update …. available shortly after the May 4th launch.

    Manage Account:

    • Provides an overview of your entire account
    • “My Settings” allows users to customize branding and messaging of your account including uploading of your own corporate logo and styles; even brand portions of the WHOIS!
    • Set your own account thresholds and notices, for instance, email yourself when your balance is low.
    • Define the behavior of the system for your customers in accordance to your preferences including setting default nameservers and contact handles.


    • Provides clients with direct access to our extensive API Library and the Extensive Reseller WIKI
    • Access to our Marketing Center, which is updated on a regular basis with the latest Registry provided marketing aids (HEXONET has excellent relationships with ALL Registries and we have access to these materials for our clients)

    New Products (SSL CERTIFICATES):

    • Added more variety of SSL certificates
    • Better pricing on most of certificates
    • NOW REGISTER SSL CERTIFICATES FOR MULTIPLE YEARS – highly requested option by you our customers, now register SSL certs for 1,2,3 or even 5 years for most of our certificates

    Celebrate with HEXONET

    To celebrate the launch and to thank our resellers for the patience they have shown, we will be having amazing “Domain Promotions” throughout the months of May, June and July. … read more about these promotions.

    Some highlights are:

    • Register a .ASIA Domains at a discount and HEXONET will throw in the required CED Contact included in the registration;
    • New 1 Year .INFO Registrations as low as 2.90 USD/Domain
    • .IM Domains at an all time low of 1.90 GBP per Domain. (.IM is still fairly new, meanign there are highly valueable domains still available)
    • .AT the Austrian TLD will be selling as low as 1.99 EUR per Domain/Year
    • and much MORE

    Right now it is the perfect time for HEXONET customers to move into the next discount level and obtain a higher pricing tier. There is no better time than now while we have the biggest domain sale of the year. If you are not a HEXONET customer, then sign-up immediately for free.  Signup is completely free and there is no minimum commit. Give us a try and you won’t be disappointed.

    What’s Next?

    HEXONET has embarked on a product/service expansion and streamlining initiative. The new control panel is but first among many more technology and service enhancements planned for this year. Stay tuned or signup and see how HEXONET is making reselling Internet services easier and more profitable for our customers!

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    HEXONET is plowing ahead

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    When I look back at the last three months, I am simply amazed at all the progress and goals HEXONET has accomplished. Without a doubt, much of our success is directly attributable to our colleagues in Germany, who have toiled and put in long hours to get things done. Since February here is a short list of achievements:

    • HEXONET Services Inc. was opened in Vancouver, Canada
    • www.hexonet.net was modified to include new information about our Vancouver regional office
    • Embarked on a product/service streamlining process to refocus engineering resources on those products our clients use most … (project is ahead of schedule thanks to Engineering in Germany)
    • Substantially renegotiated many purchase prices for the benefit of our clients
    • Streamlined our sales process
    • Added HTML notice logic to HEXONET systems
    • Following the successful launch of our EPP 1.0 ccTLD Gateway is the release of our easy to use EPP 1.0 User Manual and Guide; the EPP 1.0 Gateway is the first of its kind, allowing registrars and resellers to connect to hundreds of ccTLDs via standard EPP, even if the underlying Registry is not EPP compliant; if you are serious about growing your ccTLD sales, I encourage anyone to test drive the EPP gateway for free at http://www.hexonet.net/epp.php
    • Refined our RegistrarOC (Registrar Operations Center) product to support any TLD HEXONET currently offers; check out why our clients are raving about RegistrarOC
    • Successfully launched the new TLD .TEL with amazing results, HEXONET was able to register over 90% of all our pre-registrations

    What to expect in the next 2 – 4 weeks:

    • HEXONET is on the verge of releasing a new control panel with added features and enhancements; as of May 4th 2009, all HEXONET customers will have access to the new control panel; HEXONET Germany customers can continue to use the old control panel if they wish.
    • HEXONET is making available more information and content on the website for all clients; an updated website navigation structure will make accessing this information even easier
    • The most important HEXONET newsletter to date, announcing the new Control Panel and a wide array of promotions, don’t miss out on this one!
    • HEXONET is now on Twitter, you can follow HEXONET under http://www.twitter.com/HEXONET
    • I also just recently started my own Twitter page under http://www.twitter.com/rbirkner

    What to expect of HEXONET throughout the rest of the year?

    • HEXONET will continue to streamline and make our operations/systems even more efficient
    • HEXONET is dedicated to adding even more TLDs, providing for our clients the widest selection of TLDs industry wide
    • HEXONET’s control panel will continually be upgraded throughout the year; this upcoming first release is all about streamlining and efficiency, the subsequent releases will be focused on value added services and functionality to make running your business easier and more cost effective.
    • HEXONET will be releasing more revenue generating products for our clients to resell

    HEXONET is moving fast and we plan to move faster throughout the year. Stay tuned for even more client upgrades and benefits for you every quarter!

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