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    new TLDs emerging

    May 26, 2009 // 3 Comments »

    With all the buzz surrounding new TLDs (nTLDs) at the last ICANN meeting in Mexico, I am sure many of you have already encountered or read information regarding the latest applications. For those who haven’t been staying abreast of the latest, here is a quick review:

    There are two different general types of TLDs – gTLDs and ccTLDs.  ICANN is now opening the possibility of adding further TLD extensions, which can virtually be anything.

    gTLDS: (generic Top Level Domains)
    .asia – “From ASIA – for ASIA”. Introduced in 2007.
    .biz – For businesses. Introduced in 2001.
    .com – For everyone, though intended for commercial registrants. Introduced in 1985.
    .info – For everyone and as a general purpose TLD. Introduced in 2001.
    .mobi – For Mobile content on phones and PDAs. Introduced in 2005.
    .name – For individuals and personal information. Introduced in 2001.
    .net – For everyone, though intended for network providers. Introduced in 1985.
    .org – For everyone, though intended for organizations and not-for-profits. Introduced in 1985

    ccTLDs: (country code Top Level Domains)
    Two-letter TLDs designated for a particular country or autonomous territory to facilitate communication and service within that country or territory.

    .DE – Deutschland (Germany, managed by DENIC e.G.)
    .UK – United Kingdom (managed by Nominet)
    .BE – Belgium (managed by DNS .BE)
    .CN – China (managed by CNNIC)
    .CA – Canada (managed by CIRA)
    .US – United States of America (managed by NeuStar)
    The entire list can be viewed under IANA.

    nTLDs: (new Top Level Domains)
    ICANN is opening up the TLD namespace with virtually anything under the sun.  Basically anything to the right of the “dot” goes and right now there are many vying for control of these new extensions.  Though the following list is not complete or 100% accurate, many applicants have already identified themselves:

    • .RADIO
    • .ECO (Ecological)
    • .GREEN (Ecological)
    • .MOVIE (Movie/Film Industry)
    • .FAM (Family)
    • .MUSIC (Music)
    • .HEALTH (dot health)
    • .SPORT (dot Sport)
    • .INDIGI (for indigenous peoples)
    • .NYC (New York City)
    • .BERLIN (Berlin Germany)
    • .PARIS (Paris France)
    • .BZH (Brittany, a region in France)
    • .ENG (England, a kingdom in the U.K.)
    • .GAL (Galicia, a region in Spain)
    • .MED (Mediterranean)
    • .LLI (Leonese Language and Leonese Culture)
    • .GAY
    • .WEB
    • .POST
    • .MAIL (for emails and to control spam)
    • .GEO (generic geographical locations)
    • .XXX (Adult Entertainment)
    • .BCN (Barcelona)
    • .LAT (Latin America)

    As we can all see, the list continues to grow wildly. I am sure I am missing many potential applications.  Additionally, there are clearly some nTLDs applications essentially competing for the same theme or market.  On top of this, there may also be multiple applicants for the same TLD, meaning we may see X number of organizations apply for .mail or .xxx.

    A major risk for these nTLD applications is whether they have a viable business model to support their nTLD in the long run.  Last year I wrote the article, “Is the Market Ready for new TLDs”, which covers the pros and cons of these nTLDs from a registrar perspective.  In a nutshell, of all these nTLDs who is actually going to be operational and profitable in 3 to 5 years.  And if one or many of these nTLDs fold, what are the consequences?  My fear is that many nTLDs will disappear agan within the next 5 years or will change hands multiple times.

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    Home sweet home

    May 25, 2009 // 1 Comment »

    With two weeks of really enjoying the new house … I can say it simply feels awesome! After living place to place and moving so many times that I gave up counting, I was so looking forward to moving into “our” townhouse. Just the difference in space, compared to downtown apartment living, is “golden” ;-)

    Having done the “Great” move from Germany to Vancouver three years ago, I promised myself that I would never touch another moving box again. But since I paid someone to move back then, I now realize one can’t say the word “move” until you do all the physical work yourself; in fact, I realize all the back breaking work is actually the fun stuff – preparing for the move, packing boxes, going through “old” stuff, deciding what to keep, what to sell, what to donate, diplomatically influencing one’s better half to get rid of some shoes ;-) .

    On the day of the move, I had everything planned, packed and ready. All I had to do is just go and get the truck early in the morning. With some awesome friends anxiously waiting to help ;-) , the “move-out” was literally done within an hour. The move-in however was another story and it basically took the rest of the day. By the time we called it a night, it was 1 a.m. in the morning. Everything was done and put where it should be. My philosophy is get everything done now, so that you can start enjoying it sooner. This especially holds true when it comes to moving into your first house! The next day, the second biggest TO DO, get the cable guy to install the cable and Internet. Getting back online is top priority … ;-)

    In reflecting back on my three years in downtown Vancouver, I really enjoyed myself. But now that I’ve had some time to settle in and enjoy the new place, it feels great to have more space and not have to hear the fire-trucks going off. Now all we have to do, is get used to suburba!

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    HEXONET Makes Internet Reselling Highly Profitable

    May 4, 2009 // No Comments »

    Our official PR that hit the wire this morning:

    HEXONET’s newest web control panel for Internet resellers, startups, and ISPs breaks new ground in control, customization, and tools making reselling easier and more profitable.

    Vancouver, Canada (PRWEB) May 4, 2009 — HEXONET (www.hexonet.net) announced today the release of the company’s long anticipated web control panel upgrade for Internet resellers. Together with HEXONET’s global expansion initiative, which saw the opening of a North American regional office in Vancouver, Canada, the company has also embarked on a substantial expansion of its infrastructure and systems. Though HEXONET’s domain infrastructure is already renown for its performance, ease of integration, and especially innovative services, the company has committed double the engineering resources for the rest of the year to accelerate the delivery of advanced services and infrastructure.

    The new web control panel was designed to significantly simplify the operations of being a reseller as well as give resellers the control to tweak their services for greater revenue. Fully customizable, the new control panel can be branded with a reseller’s logos and colors to ensure their clients receive a completely seamless user experience for any Internet service resold through the HEXONET system. Additionally, the next control panel hosts many more features including smart previews, one touch simple configurations, and a basic behavioral subsystem to automatically manage a reseller’s clients for them.

    According to Robert Birkner, HEXONET’s Chief Strategy Officer, “innovation and our devotion to delivering such advancements to our clients are the biggest reasons why Internet resellers, startups, and ISPs worldwide choose HEXONET as their reselling platform of choice. Throughout 2009, HEXONET resellers will benefit from the many scheduled new product releases, service upgrades, as well as considerable price reductions for the products and services we offer.”

    Lucas Roberts, President of Macinhome, a full service Mac IT Consultancy, is elated about being a HEXONET reseller. He has stated, “Macinhome started back in 2001 with the idea that we would be a different type of technical consultancy, a consultancy with the same progressive and innovative philosophy of Apple. A big part of being better was to partner with better service providers. HEXONET is the only domain and Internet service company I know to be as progressive as we are.”

    About HEXONET
    Since 1999, HEXONET has been a leading developer and service provider of reseller technologies for the domain industry. Thousands of resellers, startups and service providers from across the world trust HEXONET as their domain platform provider. And, today, HEXONET manages over 400 thousand domains for its clients.

    HEXONET Media Relations
    T: 604-267-3025
    F: 604-909-1868
    info (at) hexonet (dot) net


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