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    more nTLDs – new Top-Level-Domains

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    The frenzy that is nTLDs (new Top-Level-Domains) is only getting more frenetic! Since I wrote my blog post “new TLDs ermerging” on May 26th, 2009, the world of nTLDs has changed dramatically, especially in light of the recent ICANN meeting in Sydney, which I am sure stirred the pot some more.

    Though I unfortunately couldn’t attend the meeting in Sydney, I was lucky enough to get my fair share of news remotely.  The only aspect of attending via the web that I regretted, was not being able to meet the new CEO of ICANN Rod Beckstrom in person.  Other than this one regret, I was able to get a steady stream of news and insights from the deluge of tweets!

    As I expected, the list of official and unofficial nTLDs continues to grow unabated:

    - .BAY
    - .BAYERN
    - .CAR
    - .ECO
    - .FAM
    - .FOOD
    - .GEO
    - .GREEN
    - .HEALTH
    - .HOTEL
    - .HOLMES
    - .MED
    - .MUSIC
    - .MONEY
    - .NYC
    - .PARIS
    - .PHONE
    - .QUEBEC
    - .RADIO
    - .REAL
    - .ROMA
    - .SPORT
    - .SURF
    - .TOKYO
    - .VIDEO
    … and … and …. ?

    This list begs the question, which ones are even going to be around in 5 years?  I ask this question because I just don’t see the value proposition in many of them.  I thought nTLDs, should:

    a.) provide guidance and direction to the Users and help them better navigate to where they actually want to go on the internet as well as

    b.) drive innovation on the Internet.

    Where’s the value in cluttering the Internet highway?  This is analogous to having more signs along a road, at some point you have diminishing returns and the extra signs only start confusing rather than helping. I really don’t think the average user out there will grasp or even find the value in many of these nTLDs.  As for innovation, I can see this happening, but at what cost benefit?  If the end user value is small by adding a huge amount of administrative and technical overhead, then what is the point.

    Another interesting angle on the proliferation of these nTLD applications is the dynamic between competing applicants for nTLDs that are essentially the same. For instance, .eco has two totally different groups vying for the same TLD:

    Applicant A:

    • www.supportdoteco.com
    • Partnered with Al Gore
    • Partnered with Alliance for Climate Protection
    • Extensive experience and working relationships with many Internet based companies
    • Extensive experience with working relations in the movie industry
    • Registry Services to be provided in partnership with Minds and Machines.  Read Press Release.

    Applicant B:

    • www.doteco.info
    • Founders of Big Room
    • Extensive experience on sustainability policy having worked at the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
    • Are industry insiders formerly from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).
    • Highly experienced (Institute for Sustainable Futures, the EcoDesign Foundation,the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD))
    • Registry Services to be provided in partnership with Afilias. Read Press Release

    It is going to be interesting to see who wins this winner-by-knock-out prize fight.   I am sure we are going to see other battles over the same nTLD in the near future.

    Though I am personally watching everything from the sidelines, I do want to offer one piece of advise to the nTLD applicants – have a compelling business model behind your nTLD.  If the business model is not significantly different than existing TLDs, you are likely going to see the same fate as those TLDs before you, who today are in limbo.

    With the maturation of the industry technologies, launching a TLD is the easy part.  The difficulty of running a successful TLD comes after one opens the doors.  Finding a captive audience and ensuring high registrations/renewals has eluded many recent TLDs operators.

    Very interesting times my friends.  Lets see what happens in the weeks, months ahead of us.

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    ccTLDs Rapidly Growing

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    VeriSign, the global registry operator for .COM/.NET, just released their June 2009 “Domain Industry Brief”. These briefs are highly interesting because they underscore important trends in the domain industry, as well as, point out potential opportunities for insiders to contemplate.  According to the report, the domain industry is amazingly expanding at breakneck speed, despite a worldwide recession.  At the end of the first quarter of 2009, nearly 183 million domains are registered worldwide. This represents not only a three percent (3%) growth over the fourth quarter of 2008, but more impressively a 12 percent increase over the same quarter of last year!

    Interesting enough, HEXONET.NET is also seeing such growth and more specifically an upsurge in ccTLDs (country code Top-Level-Domains).  Our ccTLD growth parallels the reports findings that ccTLDs as a subset of TLDs is expanding even faster.  In the report, the base of ccTLDs grew to 74.1 million domain names, representing an 18 percent (18%) increase year over year and a four percent increase quarter over quarter. Though the uptake in ccTLDs for the first quarter of 2009 was only 3 million, which is a 39% decrease from the same quarter in 2008, this number represents a 38% increase over the last quarter of 2008!

    Top TLDs by Domains Under Management:

    1. .COM (gTLD)
    2. .CN (China)
    3. .DE (Germany)
    4. .NET (gTLD)
    5. .ORG (gTLD)
    6. .UK (The United Kingdom)
    7. .INFO (gTLD)
    8. .NL (The Netherlands)
    9. .EU (European Union)
    10. .BIZ (gTLD)

    Top Noted ccTLDs:

    1. .US (ccTLD of the United States) grew by 12 percent (12%), partially as a result of registry promotions
    2. .RU (ccTLD of the Russion Federation) grew by 8 percent (8%).
    3. .CN (ccTLD of China) grew by 4 percent (4%).

    Largest ccTLDs:

    1. .CN (China)
    2. .DE (Germany)
    3. .UK (United Kingdom)


    Special thanks to our friends at VeriSign for maintaining these reports on an ongoing basis.  I recommend you view the entire report, which can be found under >> view

    Special thanks to the friends at VeriSign for maintaining these reports on an ongoing basis.  Extremely valuable!

    HEXONET has long been a proponent of ccTLDs and have endeavored to be the destination for resellers and registrars for all TLDs:
    - Over 150 different TLDs from a single provider
    - Renown infrastructure speed, reliability and stability
    - Connect via six different ways: EPP 1.0 Gateway, HTTPS, SOAP, XML/RPC, Mailrobot, Web Control Panel

    In the event that you are interested in registering a large variety of ccTLDs from one source, please visit www.HEXONET.NET or send an email to sales@hexonet.net.  Sign-Up is free with no commitment!

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    Next .ME Auction about to commence

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    The official registry for .ME, the country code Top-Level-Domain of Montenegro, last week announced the next auction for premium .ME domains through NameJet. On the heels of the most recent auction where names like “tweet.me” were sold for thousands of dollars, the timing couldn’t be better for this announcement.  Some interesting sales from the last auction (http://auctions.domain.me) were:

    tweet.me – selling for $11,505
    lease.me – selling for $7,605
    massage.me – selling for $6,505

    Auction Details:

    1. NameJet and Back-ordering:

    For those interested in the upcoming .ME auction please be advised that the next one will be conducted through NameJet’s back-odering system.  Therefore, if one is interesting in bidding, one needs to place a back-order through NameJet ahead of time.

    2. Schedule:

    According to the news posted at .ME, the registry will be releasing 15 Premium .ME Domains through NameJet.
    * From June 5-8, bid on Copy.Me, Publish.Me, Catch.Me (backorder by June 4)
    * From June 6-9, bid on Share.Me, Beer.Me, Trust.Me (backorder by June 5)
    * From June 7-10, bid on Network.Me, Live.Me, Kick.Me (backorder by June 6)
    * From June 8-11, bid on Face.Me, David.Me, Invite.Me (backorder by June 7)
    * From June 9-12, bid on Teach.Me, Remind.Me, Gallery.Me (backorder by June 8 )

    On July 17th, the .ME registry will be a year old!  And looking back at this first year, all I can say is CONGRATULATIONS!  You have to give them props for all the success they achieved, including growing to over a quarter million domains.  Wow!  250,000 Domains within less than a year.  I am sure this first year is just the beginning of more success and more growth for .ME.

    If anyone is interested in registering larger volumes of .ME domains, then please send inquiries to sales@hexonet.net.  HEXONET will work to make sure you not only get a great price, but also get great support to help manage your domains.

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