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    .ME continues down the road of success

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    On July 16th 2009, .ME celebrated their first anniversary from “go live”.  .ME, simply an amazing success story of a Top-Level-Domain.  In just 1 year a ccTLD has nearly 300,000 Domains under management – speechless …  How many TLDs worldwide can share a similar success story?  How many of the highly anticipated new TLDs will be sharing a similar or same success story?  Probably not too many …
    The popularity and continued growth of .ME is a testament to the work of the Registry and the value of .ME as a truly personal TLD.

    Some more interesting information about .ME:

    • Top Five Countries: (Distribution by Registrant)
      1. United States
      2. United Kingdom
      3. Germany
      4. Canada
      5. Montenegro
    • Additional Facts:
      • 79% of all registered .ME Domains are active websites
      • Over 560 .ME Domains in the top 1 Million ALEXA Ratings
      • Already 6 .ME Domains in the top 10,000 with ALEXA
      • Google has already indexed more than 8.3 Million .ME Pages
    • Organizations verse Individual Registrations:
      1. 59% Organizations – Businesses are truly adopting .ME as well!
      2. 41% Individuals
    • Why Register a .ME Domain For your Business?
      1. dot ME can be used in catchy business marketing phrases like “find.me”
      2. dot ME is a call-to-action domain that can easily direct clients to do something not just read about it.
      3. Protect and make your brand stand out even more with a .ME Web-address.
      4. dot ME can renew corporate brands to be new, cool and chic.
      5. Over 180,000 business worldwide can’t be wrong, clearly these businesses are using .ME as an innovative, progressive and stylish tool for their brands and products.

    Check out a cool video of .ME under http://www.hexonet.net/domainpromo.php

    To celebrate the .ME Registry’s first anniversary, HEXONET is offering some amazing reseller discounts on .ME domains. Effective immediately through to August 31st, 2009, all new .ME registrations will only be 10.50 EUR per year. This promotional price is applicable only for NEW single and new multiyear registrations and transfers. Renewals are excluded from this promotion.

    If you are considering purchasing larger volumes of .ME Domains, please don’t be shy and contact  sales@hexonet.net and let HEXONET make you an offer.

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    Am happily married!

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    I usually try to stick to more business related posts on my blog, however this time I wanted to make an exception.

    On July 16th 2009, I got married to Leona Chen and experienced an unforgettable day.  Leona simply looked absolutely stunning. It is actually amazing how quick the actual ceremony and reception passed by without either Leona or myself noticing it.  It must have been all the tension and preparation prior to the wedding, as well as the fact that we had so many guests visit from overseas.  Both Leona and I would like to thank all that were able to attend and share this special day with us.  It was fantastic to see so many friends fly huge distances to attend our wedding, especially considering the economic times we are all experiencing.  All of you made this day a special one.

    Special thanks go to Sara for being Leona’s bridesmaid, as well as to my best man Karim.  Both of you were great.

    Thank you also to all for the gifts and best wishes.

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