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    Being Better than the Lowest Price

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    A colleague and a close friend of mine Tony Kim – CMO at HEXONET just wrote a very interesting blogpost that holds so true.

    Check it out under BLOG.HEXONET.NET.


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    Why choose HEXONET?

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    Why Choose HEXONET Over Your Competitors?  What Makes HEXONET Different?
    With every phone call, meeting, or industry gathering, seemingly we at HEXONET always get asked the same questions – Why HEXONET?  What makes HEXONET different from your competitors? Why should I want to partner with HEXONET? The answer is clear, HEXONET has the right people, the proven expertise, and best technology.

    The Team @ HEXONET
    At HEXONET, our team is immeasurably greater than the sum of our individual parts.  This can only happen when a team has a common vision and the passion to pursue it.  HEXONET’s employees strive everyday to empower resellers through world-class engineering and innovation, whether that’s going above and beyond to answer a support call or simply investing countless of hours testing to ensure our latest builds are rock solid.  This is who we are and how we work everyday.

    Our passion is fueled by the commendations from our customers.  Emails, phone calls, and meetings where our customers not only give us praise, but also give us positive criticism provide guidance as to what we can do better and how we can innovate even more.  At HEXONET we welcome our clients and partners to share in our philosophy and work with us towards making things better.  This is how we grow.

    And above all things, our team holds true to doing business the old fashion way – that promises are kept and our word is our honor.  At HEXONET, we would rather close our doors than lose the trust of our clients and partners.

    Expertise of the Team @ HEXONET
    There are HEXONET competitors who are way better at marketing than us, no doubt.  Also, there are some of competitors who also have top notch engineering like us.  And there are some who have been in business longer than us.   So how are we different?  At HEXONET we believe we have the right balance of skill and experience, that when combined properly, is vastly more superior than any one skill our competitors possess.

    HEXONET’s foundation is world-class engineering, which is lead by some of the industry’s foremost technical talent.  Though technology serves as the foundation for the company, it is our business leaders who make what we do special.  Worldwide, there are only a handful of individuals who have both the high-level strategic acumen and the practical and practiced exposure in our industry to actually make things work correctly.

    Altogether, HEXONET has more than thirty (30) years of experience in the domain and hosting industry, as executives, programmers and operational managers. We know the top-down strategy and most importantly the bottom-up mechanics for success.

    The Technology – HEXONET eats, drinks and breathes Technology!
    HEXONET technology is a reflection of a single philosophy heralded by its founder and CEO, Jens Wagner – automation is the key to success, and making automation faster and more stable only brings success that much sooner.  So how does HEXONET technology bring success faster to our customers?

    The foundation of HEXONET technology is an ultra-fast, highly reliable, and scalable domain registration system that provides anyone who uses it the widest selection of domains from a single source (see the list).  Simply connect with the platform once and everything else is entirely automated.  Even if technology changes, new registries arise, old registries die, or new regulations becomes mandatory, HEXONET does all the hard work of automation for our customers!

    Add to this amazing platform an abundance of ways to connect, whether it be via API, web control panel, EPP 1.0, or our newest way, Registrar Operations Center (RegistrarOC), moving from a decision to registering the first domain with us can literally be minutes.

    Whether preparing for the impeding new gTLDs or looking for ways to save money without sacrificing performance, HEXONET technology even makes the decision to try totally risk-free.  Risk-free because anyone can start off as a reseller (no signup fees or commitments) and seamlessly switch to their own accreditation utilizing RegistrarOC when the volume makes sense.  In fact, switching requires no engineering, no effort to migrate domains onto one’s accreditation (fully automated and free of charge), and once done, saves customers even more money since afterward, domain registration and management only costs a small administrative fee per domain.

    Talk with us, work with us, and see how our technology is easier to use, more reliable, and more cost effective!

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    dot ASIA – What’s Next?

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    The continent of Asia and the nation of China in particular has been an area of high interest for me this past decade.  Asia and specifically China is obviously a massive opportunity and clearly the domain market of the future.  Though many impediments and hurdles exist to entering the Asian market, those with the right timing and execution of entry are poised to win big.  I myself have almost taken the plunge several times, especially right after the hugely successful launch of .CN.

    Given all this potential, .ASIA, operated by dotASIA Organisation in Hong Kong, is uniquely positioned to be a very important TLD for the region.  How important, I didn’t realize until I had the opportunity to meet with dotASIA representatives and fellow registrars at their annual .ASIA Retreat in Hong Kong.  Over the two day period, I was impressed by some of their creative marketing campaigns, which were done in partnership with some of Asia’s celebrities, as well as, how wide and deep many of Asia’s ccTLD registries support .ASIA.

    Though .ASIA has gotten off to a slower start than expected, around 250,000 domains under management in two years, I am confident the Registry will increasingly expand its influence and popularity in Asia and outside of Asia. The fact that .ASIA has the support of so many ccTLD registries in the region almost certainly assures their longevity.  Additionally, given the information I received at the retreat, some of which I will share in this post, the future success of .ASIA is looking bright.


    dotASIA has as their mandate to invest heavily into community projects, as well as, provide monies for Internet expansion and awareness in Asia.  These efforts are slowing starting to pay off.  Couple this awareness with the growing Internet user base and the formula for success becomes clear.

    Internet User Base:

    Three of the top five countries worldwide are in Asia, according to Internet World Stats as of March 31, 2009.  Furthermore, Asia as a region has the largest Internet user base in the world.

    Internet Users By Country:

    1. China – 298,000,000 Users
    2. United States – 227,200,000 Users
    3. Japan – 94,000,000 Users
    4. India – 81,000,000 Users
    5. Brazil – 67,500,000 Users

    Asian Bloggers:

    According to the ADMA market Yearbook for 2009, the growth and popularity of blogging in Asia is in overdrive. Even in comparison to the US the numbers are amazing.

    Just looking at the “Average Monthly Unique Visitors”, Asia is approx. 44% larger than the US.

    Unique .ASIA Websites:

    1.) www.KeepClicking.asia

    2. www.Listenup.asia

    3. www.apea.asia

    I expect to see much success for .ASIA in the coming years, especially given the demographics of their target audience, their partnership with ccTLD registries, and their bold marketing philosophy.

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