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    2009 in Review

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    2009 is slowly coming to an end, and what a year this was.  Looking back, here are some of my personal highlights.

    January 2009 – Completion of Consulting

    I completed my consulting assignment for dot ME, which was a fantastic experience.  Seeing a TLD with so much creativity grow was amazing.  It was also beneficial to actually have had the opportunity to see the views of a registry and not just a registrar.

    February 2009 – Founding of HEXONET Services Inc.

    HEXONET Services Inc. was formed and officially inaugurated in February.  I am now back on track of what I always wanted to do.  I have a great partner on board here in North America, and I have someone in Germany whom I trust and with whom I have worked together with before very successfully – Jens Wagner.  In addition to this, I’m extremely happy to be once again working with Dennis, Chris and Sven in Germany with whom I’ve also worked very successfully with at Key-Systems, and have come to respect.  It is amazing how things sometimes turn out.

    March 2009

    HEXONET Services Inc. launched product offerings for North and South America in joint collaboration with our colleagues in Germany and we have started to sign up customers on our new control panel.

    April 2009 – Pre-wedding Reception in China

    Leona and I had our pre-wedding Chinese reception in China with my parents and Leona’s family.  It was a wonderful and moving experience.  This was my parents’ first trip to China, they had a great time touring in Beijing, Shanghai, then finally in Guangzhou, for the reception.

    May 2009 – Nesting

    Enough with moving from country to country, it was time to settle down.  With help from friends, Leona and I moved into our new house and spent the next two months spending money and more money on furniture and accessories.   The terrace is looking good, I got my BBQ on one side and patio furniture on the other, add couple Coronas, a dash of sun – voila, life is great!

    June 2009 – New Office

    HEXONET Services Inc. moved office – Hello White-Rock!  A huge and exciting step for HEXONET Canada.

    July 2009 – Wedding

    My brother and his family came to visit for 2 weeks prior to the wedding.  All of a sudden Leona and I had a full house and had to get used to 2 kids.  Having a brand new house with two kids can be very tiring.  Nonetheless, you get used to them so quickly and once they left Leona and I started to miss the two terribly. July was just a very busy but happy month.  We had to take care of family and ensure that they enjoyed Vancouver.  Both Leona and I were so thankful to having our parents come over, my brother and sister with family as well as family and relatives from Leona.  And just like that, July 16, 2009 was upon us and what a day this was.  Truly a day to remember, with perfect weather for our wedding at the Brockhouse.  Shortly after the wedding it was already time to say farewell to friends and family as they traveled back home.

    October & November 2009

    These two months were spent traveling the world again.  Thankfully Leona and I work in the same industry which allowed us to sometimes travel together.  October was spent entirely in Germany visiting clients and potential clients, as well as spending time at HEXONET HeadQuarters.  Towards the end of October we left for Seoul to attend the next ICANN Meeting.  From there we went on to HongKong to attend a fantastic event hosted by .ASIA.  It was good to be back in HongKong, the city held many memories for both Leona and I.  Later in the month of November we were then off to Hawaii to attend a different fantastic industry event.  Luckily for us, we were able to spend a few additional days on Maui and just sat back, relaxed and enjoyed life with a good book and even better cocktails.

    That basically concludes a very exciting and significant 2009.  I am happily married, have a wonderful wife, have a roof over my head, am working once again with people I trust and HEXONET is doing great and definitely heading in the right direction.

    I am now already looking forward to 2010 and what this coming year has in store for me.

    I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.  In the event that you are traveling over Christmas, remain calm and travel safe! See you in the New Year.

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    The perils of traveling!

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    2009 is coming to an end and I just finished my last business trip of the year.  On my way back home to Vancouver it dawned me that I used to love flying and that nowadays I simply hate it.  I attribute this to the fact that I am on the plane quite often and that I am simply fed-up of traveling.  I know that this sounds odd to many people, especially since their is a perception that flying to all these different countries on business is glamorous.  Believe me, it isn’t.  It is tiring and draining.  Yes it is good to see different countries and cultures, but one usually doesn’t have enough time to actually visit any places.

    While flying home on my last lag of the journey I thought I would write about the top things that bug me the most when flying and why.

    #1: Checking-In
    Checking in is painful, especially with a European Passport in Canada.  They nowadays have the electronic check-ins, where you have to scan your passport to get your boarding pass and put on your own luggage tags.  Every single time, I tell the lady that directs me to the machine, that the machine won’t read my passport, but no, I still get instructed to use these machines, even though they don’t work for foreign passports.  What a waste of time.  You would expect the airline personnel to know their machines and what works and what doesn’t.

    If it isn’t the electronic check-in machines, then it is the long check-in lines through economy, why are people are pushing and shoving.  Where is the common courtesy to respect people in line?  Are they afraid they will not make the flight?  If you are late and need to get by, then just ask!  Thankfully Airline have mileage programs, where if lucky you can avoid the long line-ups.

    #2: Airlines should enforce carry-on restrictions
    I am sure this happens elsewhere in the world very often and also with other airlines, but since I have been living in North America for the past 3 1/2 years, naturally I will rage about North American Airlines.  I understand the convenience of take your luggage on board the plane and disembark without having to worry about baggage claim of any sort.  I admit that I am the same and whenever I can I will try to take my luggage as carry-on.  That is a little carry-on and a notebook bag.  However what I can’t stand is when people actually take two huge carry-ons on board and by the time you get to your seat there is no space in the overhead, resulting in the innocent who stick to the rules having to put their carry-on luggage under the seat in front of them, as there isn’t enough room in the overhead bins.  Then when you ask around “excuse me are these your bags” nobody responds.  Where the heck has all the common courtesy gone?  If you take two carry-ons on board, then show some courtesy to the others on the plane and stuff one of your carry-ons under your own seat!

    Airlines:  If you have restrictions, then enforce them or at least charge for additional carry-ons and reduce your fees or offer the on-board food a bit cheaper!  Why do airlines have a hand-luggage size check right before boarding if it isn’t used?

    #3: Mileage Programs
    I am a member of Lufthansa Miles and More Program, but I am definitely starting to question it.  Lufthansa is a member of Star Alliance which is the global leading airline network, in terms of daily flights, destinations and countries flown to and amount of member airlines.  What good does all of this do, if you can’t upgrade your flight at one of the partner airlines?  Useless … I can’t upgrade with my Miles and More Card on an Air Canada flight, even though Air Canada is a member of Star Alliance. The same applies to other airlines as well, this is not the “Friendly Sky” you’ve promised.

    #4 Seat Space
    Fortunately/unfortunately I am very tall, meaning I am always cramped into the economy seat.   Passengers might consider taking into consideration the person sitting behind them before ramming their seat back or even ask if the person behind would mind, if they put their seat back.  Ultimately it’s the airlines who need to invest in newer fleets, built for humane travel.

    #5 Immigration
    Immigration is the worst.  Imagine the following picture.  You just got off a 12 hour flight cramped in economy and all you’re looking forward to is a hot shower, in a nice hotel room, and a decent meal.  Then it feels as if you got hit by an invisible fist, when you see the long line-up for immigration and only 2 counters are open … You then look for a shorter line and see 8 shorter lines with basically nobody standing there, but …. you can’t go their as this is only for “residents” or “citizens” … what is up with that?  People visiting your country for either business or leisure, willing to spend money and the first impression they get is that foreigners have to wait.

    Have you ever experienced any of the above?

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