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    A New Years Resolution We just had to Complete

    January 13, 2010 // No Comments »

    For years, in the back of my mind, Jens and I have had the idea of building a better “domain backordering” service.  Though we had the concepts in creating a better service and having the specialized engineering experience and skill,  we never got around to actually putting one together.  Often business trips, customer and employee needs, projects, and operational reasons seem to have always impeded us.  After opening the North American wing of HEXONET in 2009 and getting back together with Jens, one resolution was clear from the beginning, build a better “domain backordering” service.

    Clearly from my perspective:

    • HEXONET has the know-how
    • HEXONET has the right people with the right skills and expertise who could make it happen
    • HEXONET showed me in preliminary models, the company was already highly successful in grabbing backorders, some which turned out to be worth a lot
    • HEXONET further proved to me, the company’s technology is FASTER AND BETTER than others at grabbing domains, when DE introduced single/two character domains and HEXONET kicked butt in acquiring them
    • HEXONET offering one of the widest selection of gTLDs and ccTLDs, makes HEXONET the perfect company to be building domain grabbing technology for all TLDs

    For these reasons, we simply had to build the HEXONET Domain Backordering Service by January 2010. And strangely enough, it became our first new year’s resolution for 2010!  Yes, committing to a new years resolution in the fall of the previous year is kinda odd, but we were serious about making the domain backordering service our first milestone of the year.  And we actually accomplished our goal (resolution) January 5th, 2010!

    On January 5th 2010, HEXONET launched the better “Domain Backordering Service” for .COM, NET, ORG, BIZ, INFO, MOBI, US, DE & SE.  Though starting off with just a handful of TLDs now, more ccTLDs are already in the pipeline.  And by the end of 2010, we believe, this service will be the premier ccTLD backordering anywhere.

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