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    “Three Lessons We Can Learn from the gTLDs’ Past”

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    An excellent article written by Alexa Raad, former CEO of PIR (Public Interest Registry – .ORG) on “Lessons learned from the gTLDs’ Past”.

    A MUST read article if you are thinking of applying for a new TLD.

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    “Let’s Be More .MX”

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    Guest post by Patrick McCleery, Sales Manager North America & Asia/Pacific at HEXONET:

    Seamosmas.mx, translated as “Let’s Be More .MX”, is the recent slogan used by NIC Mexico, the official registry operator of the newly liberalized .MX ccTLD.  The idea behind this slogan is to showcase users of .MX, in an effort to reach and educate the Internet public in Mexico, as well as, highlight the change from third-level (.com.mx. ,net.mx and .org.mx) to second-level .MX availability.  These recent iniatives and campaigns show the aggression that NIC Mexico is going into the market with.  The Mexican domain market really has some great potential.

    To share their thoughts and knowledge on .MX, we were fortunate to have garnered feedback from Sergio Igartua and Mike Culver.  Sergio Igartua operates a successful marketing and media firm in Los Cabos, Mexico and also operates a very popular blog called DomainerBlog.org.  Mike Culver, an active domainer and is also a publisher of domain sales and aftermarket research, specifically on .MX.  Mike also runs Sales.Mx.

    HEXONET wants to sincerely thank Sergio and Mike for their insight into the .MX ccTLD. It is clear that .MX is still at the early stages of adoption, but there is a tremendous and latent potential with the ccTLD.

    To read the entire Q&A Session, please visit HEXONET Blog

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    HEXONET Services moves to a new and better office

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    While I was in Asia, my colleague and partner Tony Kim moved our office.  In the fall of this year we had briefly talked to our landlord about extending our office lease to June of next year.  Unfortunately a few days later we received a letter informing us that he will regrettably not be renewing the lease, as he is expanding his lawyers office and he needs the space to add additional lawyers/partners.  It was unfortunate as we had felt extremely comfortable in there.

    Tony and I basically had two options.

    Option1: We would simply stay in the office until June of 2011 and start looking for an office shortly before our lease expires.

    Option 2: Start looking immediately.  Why make it more difficult for our landlord and stay until June 2011?

    We chose option 2, as our landlord had been excellent towards us and if there was a way for us to help him expand and grow his business sooner, then the choice was an obvious one.

    Both Tony and I had most likely looked at 10 – 15 possible office space and finally chose one that suited our needs the best and gave HEXONET room to expand.  We now have a work space twice the size of our previous office and represents HEXONET in what we do on a daily basis.

    The new address is:

    HEXONET Services Inc.

    Unit 104 – 7455 132nd ST

    Surrey, B.C., V3W 1J8

    Special thanks to Tony for organizing the move while I was in Asia.  Last Thursday all I had to do was drive to the new location and assume work in my new office.  Everything had been taken care of and the office was already up and running.  Picture of the new office will soon follow.  If you are ever in the area, please do stop by our office for a visit.

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    Home sweet Home – There’s no place like Home

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    Am glad to be back home after a fantastic trip to Asia.  Even though the holiday in Koh Samui was more or less washed away, I am definitely putting Thailand back on my bucket list to return in the future.  On the top of my Thailand list is Krabi.  My parents had one of the best holidays there.

    My trip back home was a nightmare.  After having flown all over the world in the past 10 years through my work I can surely say this was by far my worst flight ever.  It was an evening flight that left H.K. with one hour delay at 8:10 p.m. I was planning on catching 4 – 6 hours of sleep on this 14 hour flight home, but unfortunately I had the loudest “snorer” next to me.  As soon as the seat belt sign went on this guy passed out and his snore drowned out the engine noise, and the worst part was, that he slept for a solid 10 hours.  I couldn’t find peace even with my noise cancellation earphones!  People around us were complaining to the Flight Attendants, but there was nothing they could do.  What a miserable flight and I am still feeling the aftermath.

    It is so good to be back home though.  Traveling always sounds so luxurious, however there is truly no place like home.  Your own couch, own bed, own bathroom, … all of this really matters.

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    .ME Premium Auction ends close to 400K

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    The Premium .ME Domains Auction at SEDO ended on November 18 with close to 400,000 USD in Sales.  Simply amazing and huge congrats to my friends in Montenegro.

    Some interesting auction results:

    • line.me –> 26,500 USD
    • contact.me –> 15,600 USD
    • game.me –> 13,100 USD
    • poker.me –> 12,099 USD
    • friend.me –> 10,099 USD
    • art.me –> 10,000 USD
    • note.me –> 10,000 USD
    • keep.me –> 8,600 USD
    • shop.me –> 8,200 USD
    • movie.me –> 7,600 USD

    Source: Exploretheworldof.me

    These numbers simply underline the value of .ME Domains and that they are perfect for individuals wanting to express themselves, corporations who are wanting to try something new, great call-to-action domains, … and much more.

    Get your .ME Domain now, by checking to see if it is available at HEXONET.NET.  If you are interested in registering larger volumes, please send an email to sales@hexonet.net.

    With the new TLDs on the horizon, I doubt there will be many that will be able to show the same success story as .ME has.

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    It’s all about ME – .ME Domains in Auction

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    The official .ME Registry (www.domain.me) is holding another round of premium .ME auctions in partnership with SEDO.

    Currently there are over 150 .ME Domains in auction at SEDO.  Some these domains include gems such as “text.me”, “try.me”, “feed.me” and many more. View the entire list in auction here.

    If you have development resources and a vision there is quite a bit you can do with these domains.

    The top five domains currently leading the auction are:

    #1. game.me –> currently at 7,600 USD with 17 bids

    #2. poker.me –> currently at 3,300 USD with 20 bids

    #3. try.me –> currently at 2,650 USD with 12 bids

    #4. track.me –> currently at 2,200 USD with 17 bids

    #5. home.me –> currently at 1,930 USD with 10 bids

    I am sure this will change tremendously in the last minutes of the auction.

    Out of the entire list of 150 domains, currently only 28 domains have not yet received a bid, however the auction will still last another 2 1/2 days.

    HEXONET has had tremendous success with .ME Backorders thus far.  If you find that your desired .ME is taken, then why not place a backorder for the domain through HEXONET?

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    Things we take for granted!

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    On our second last day in Koh Samui instead of having breakfast in our hotel my wife and I had breakfast at a little deli store on the hotel compound.  Unfortunately we still couldn’t leave the hotel due to the heavy monsoon flooding.

    At this little deli store we grabbed a coffee and some sandwiches.  The lady serving us was extremely nice and she started chatting with us.

    I was curious, so I asked her where the local people usually live in Koh Samui.  She replied she lived in the hotel employee quarters, however she also mentioned, that she was from Bangkok and that she basically works 11 months a year and sends most of her money back home to her parents, who were raising her new born 10 month year old son.  If work was good, then she herself could afford one or two trips homes a year to visit parents and son.  The sad part for her was that her son didn’t even recognize her the last time she was home and only cried in her arms.

    This story really touched both of us and so it should.  We take so many things for granted nowadays and get upset about the little things in life, however we hardly think of the individuals who are less fortunate, even though these individuals are happy with the little they have, probably even happier than most of the individuals that have more.

    As Christmas is just around the corner, why no spend less on presents and give to the ones in need instead?  How many people would love to spend Christmas with their families, however are not able to do so due to lack of the financial means?

    How many times have you stopped to think about others?  Think about people in other countries? Think about how their lives are?  How fortunate or less fortunate they are?  Especially with Christmas around the corner, think of others …

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    In Asia Part 3 – Koh Samui

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    The rest of the our week in Koh Samui was pretty uneventful.  We weren’t so lucky with the weather, which brought us streaks of monsoon rain downpours in between sunny stretches.  One day we were out of luck entirely, as it literally down poured the entire day and night, flooding the streets around our hotel, thus preventing us from exploring the surrounding area. Local residents on the other hand were not fazed, some pulled out kayaks to navigate the once was streets to get to where they needed to be. The flood pretty much forced us to relax on the hotel hotel beach, read some good books, enjoy some fantastic massages and get some long needed rest.

    Overall I was very happy with the holiday, even though I would have preferred to see more of Thailand.  We had planned to do a snorkeling trip on Thursday, however the guide refused to accept our money and told us not to book the trip as visibility was rotten.  Well, I guess we will have to come back to Thailand again in the future.

    Now we are off to Hong Kong again and naturally on the day of our departure blue sky all around without a single cloud in the sky.  Oh well, at least we got the well deserved time-off and I was able to read a few good books.

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    In Asia Part 2

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    Friday, November 5, 2010
    Woke up well rested this morning. Spent half the morning checking emails and then it’s off to two more meetings in Guangzhou.

    Definitely learning a lot about the Chinese domain market.  It is not the typical trends, that we see in North America or Europe.  Business is definitely different here.

    The second meeting this afternoon was spent at the Guangzhou DongFang Hotel.  This was the hotel where my parents stayed for our Chinese wedding reception last year in April.  It brought back some very fond memories.  The evening was spent with family at another fantastic restaurant with traditional Chinese food.
    After dinner we drove to the area, where the 2010 Asia Games would be held in Guangzhou.  The opening ceremony is going to be held in a new modern up and coming business district of Guangzhou.  I was stunned by the beauty of this area and you could see that China had spent a lot of money in making this a memorable Asia Games.

    Saturday, November 6, 2010
    Still fighting jet lag a bit.  Both of us woke up early which meant that we basically had the breakfast room to ourselves, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.  I love traveling to China and spending time in China, however it usually takes me a few days to get used to the cacophony of loudness and noise, especially in the mornings.
    After breakfast we quickly checked out and headed to the HK airport to catch a direct flight to Koh Samui on Bangkok Airways.  Fantastic service, extremely friendly and I was pleasantly surprised that we received a full blown meal on a three hour flight.  Having traveled so much in North America over the past years, you get used to buying these nasty lunch boxes with no content for horrendous fees.  Definitely a nice change.  Since getting on the flight to Koh Samui and enjoying the excellent service I can start feeling the switch from business to holiday mode.
    Another 24 hours and I should be having an ice-cold beer on a fantastic beach in Koh Samui! Prost!

    Three hours later we landed in a tropical, humid Koh Samui, grabbed a cab and we were off to the hotel.

    Nothing anywhere near to what I had originally expected.  Small huts everywhere, cheap neon lights, no proper roads, and a ton of water due to the monsoon.

    Thankfully our hotel, the Centara Grand Beach Resort Samui, was nothing like the preview.  A little piece of oasis, whew, we called it an early night.

    Sunday, November 7, 2010

    Woke up to the sound of Thunder … Fantastic!!!!!  Opened our beach view balcony door and couldn’t even see the ocean due to a tremendous downpour. Oh well. It’s holiday, so who cares?
    After breakfast the sun was already peeking through the clouds, which allowed us to enjoy a nice cold local beer on the white sandy beach.  Water temperature approx. 26 degrees …. What more can you wish for?
    Spent the entire Sunday on the beach enjoying reading. At 5.30 p.m. I was off to my first ever “Shirodhara” – a type of head massage, where soothing oil flows in a steady stream on your forehead (the “third eye”) for  approx. 1. hour. Definitely a pleasant experience, which allowed me to relax entirely.  The first day on holiday slowly comes to an end and we were already thoroughly enjoying ourselves in monsoon paradise.

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    .JP and Other Trends in the Japanese Domain Market…

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    Guest post by Patrick McCleery, Sales Manager North America & Asia/Pacific at HEXONET:

    .JP and Other Trends in the Japanese Domain Market …

    As a fluent speaker of Japanese and a former resident of Japan, I have always tried to keep my finger on the pulse the country including technology and Internet trends.   I thought I would take this opportunity to shed some light on the domain market in Japan and in particular the Japanese country-code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD) .JP.

    Considering Japan is the third largest economy in the world with over 127 million inhabitants and an Internet penetration rate of 78%, one would think that the domain market in Japan would be large and highly developed.  The strange thing is that it is not.  Currently there are only 1,190,404 registered .JP domains. To put this number into perspective, the UK with only 61 million people has nearly 9 million registered .UK domains.  More starkly, Canada with just 33 million people has almost 1.5 million registered .CA domains.  To get some answers as to why .JP is so under utilized, I turned to an active domainer in the Japanese market and here are his conclusions:

    1) The co.JP domain for many years was the only extension available for registration. Tight regulations like having to show proof of business registration to even qualify to purchase the domain of one’s own company name (to ensure that only Sony Corporation can buy sony.co.jp) made it difficult and discouraging for many small businesses.

    If you would like to read the entire article, please visit .JP and Other Trends in the Japanese Domain Market …

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