• HEXONET Achieves Nearly PERFECT Score with .COM.DE Introduction

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    At 5:00 p.m. CEST, CentralNic launched its latest domain COM.DE with much success.  This offering further broadens CentralNic’s already wide and popular selection of domains.  HEXONET throughout the pre-registration phases has seen strong demand for COM.DE domains these past few months and believes that registrations will continue now that it is open to everyone.

    HEXONET achieved a near PERFECT score today at the opening of COM.DE with an amazing 97% success rate in obtaining domains pre-registered by HEXONET clients.   This success rate is insane considering the number of unique pre-registrations.  Once again, resellers and clients are very happy with HEXONET and our advanced technology platform.  Find out why you too should place your pre-registrations for future domains with HEXONET.

    The same technology for pre-registrations is used as the backbone of our Backordering technology as well.  Currently at HEXONET, 18 different TLDs can be backordered with ease.  Though we are proud of the selection of TLDs our clients can backorder, we are actually more proud of the success rate our platform is at obtaining valuable expiring domains for them!

    Jens Wagner and our team of talented engineers have highly optimized and specialized HEXONET’s backordering and pre-registration technology over years of research and development.  And we believe that our technology is best in class at submitting and acquiring domains no matter if it is through the regular pre-registration Go Live , or at domain expiration.

    Give HEXONET’s pre-registration and backordering services a try and see why our customers are happy with the service and the technology.

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    DNSSEC – An Overview for Resellers

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    DNSSEC – An Overview for Resellers via HEXONET Blog

    Why DNSSEC is Important to Resellers and End Users

    Though technologies like the Domain Name System (DNS) are fundamental to making the Internet work, businesses using the Internet, typically don’t need to know the details of the technology to make use of it.  Most resellers go on without ever giving such technologies a second thought.  However, for those businesses, spending a little time trying to understand important technology shifts can result in real benefits and competitive advantage. DNSSEC (Secure DNS) is one such technology that resellers should monitor.

    Without going into the technical mumbo jumbo, in a nutshell, DNSSEC is a secure version of the well established and insecure version of DNS.  Cache poisoning, the unauthorized access and modification of DNS caches to intentionally spoof websites, hijack email, and even steal passwords has been a major vulnerability.  DNSSEC ensures cache poisoning is prevented, that DNS data cannot be forged and that data originating from its stated source is not modified in transit.

    DNSSEC is a High Value Security Feature

    With the domain and hosting markets being so competitive, a new feature, especially a high value security feature like DNSSEC, can create an opportunity to gain customers.  This is particularly true if one’s competitors are unable to offer the same feature.  Right now, .DE, .ORG, .EU and .SE domains registered at HEXONET can be signed with the registrant’s DNSSEC validation keys.  DNSSEC not only adds a technical layer of security for the domain holder, but more importantly, provides the registrant the peace of mind that their domain can’t be used for malicious purposes.

    First DNSSEC Accredited European Registrar with .ORG

    Robert Birkner, Chief Strategy Officer of HEXONET, “wants to congratulate the Public Interest Registry, for being the first generic Top-Level-Domain registry to fully deploy DNSSEC. We are delighted to support PIR in many of its initiatives and in particular its leadership in DNSSEC.”

    “We congratulate 1API for passing the DNSSEC certification for .ORG,” says Alexa Raad, CEO of .ORG, the Public Interest Registry, “and applaud them for taking a leadership role in the European registrar community for supporting DNSSEC.”

    Why Choose HEXONET’s Future-proof  DNSSEC

    HEXONET is one of the first registrars to fully support DNSSEC.  In fact, HEXONET’s implementation of DNSSEC supports both DS based and DNSKEY based delegation to ensure seamless interoperability with a wide variety of registries for today and in the future.  Technically this means, as a HEXONET reseller, we have you covered no matter how individual registries implement their DNSSEC.

    “”As pioneer in DNSSEC, .SE welcomes 1API as a registrar that can offer DNSSEC to their customers.” – Danny Aerts, CEO of the SE Registry

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